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This website contains information on Twinning project „Strengthened protection and sustainable use of biodiversity in Armenia in line with the European standards“

Armenian Nature Conservation Experts Visited Finland

Armenian Nature Conservation Experts Visited Finland

A group of seven representatives from the Armenian Ministry of Environment and its SNCOs paid a study visit to Finland on 8-13 October 2022. The main themes of the study visit were the institutional set-up of nature conservation in Finland, biodiversity monitoring practises, and the management of biodiversity data flows.


The study visit in Finland was organised as part of the Twinning project „Strengthened protection andsustainable use of biodiversity in Armenia in line with the European standards” run by a Czech-Finnish-Armenian consortium and financed by the European Union. The main goal of the project is to enhance the legislation for biodiversity conservation in Armenia.


The host of the visit was the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, Junior Partner of Biodiversity Twinning Project in Armenia and key actor in developing biodiversity monitoring in Finland. The study trip also included visits to other relevant entities such as the Natural History Museum LUOMUS which has a key role in maintaining and developing biodiversity databases and providing its collections for monitoring studies of Finnish environments, the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia together with its neighboring nature conservation area Nuuksio, as well as discussions with the Forest and Park Service responsible for the state-owned conservation areas in Finland. Some of the participants of the study visit had the privilege of seeing an example of Finnish biodiversity, one of the biggest wild mammals in Europe, an elk (Alces alces).


Study tour participants at the Natural History Museum in Helsinki and Porkkalanniemi penninsula.


Ecolur - Private Protected Areas in Finland


Photos: SYKE, Arman Avagyan

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