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This website contains information on Twinning project „Strengthened protection and sustainable use of biodiversity in Armenia in line with the European standards“

Armenian deputy ministers visit the Czech Republic

Armenian deputy ministers visit the Czech Republic

Ms. Anna Mazmanyan and Mr. Aram Meymaryan, minister deputies, visit the Czech Republic to get familiar with system of nature conservation in the country that is the EU member state since 2004. On their three day visit they met with Czech deputy ministers and visited Krkonose National Park and Cesky raj Protected Landscape Area.


The Protected Landscape Area Cesky raj (Bohemian Paradise) is the oldest (1955) protected area in the country. It has been also declared the UNESCO Global Geopark in 2015 for its outstanding geological and geomorphological features. It is one of the most visited Protected Landscape Areas with some severe overtourism issues since the sandstone rock is very vulnerable to erosion. Deputy ministers had the opportunity to talk to local rangers and get familiar with the private campground operating within the protected area and closely cooperating with environmental education center offering environmental programmes and excursions to visitors.



In addition, Ms. Mazmanyan and Mr. Meymaryan visited Krkonose National Park and talked to its director Mr. Robin Böhnisch. The National Park has a memorandum of understanding with Armenian Dilijan National Park, and both parties expressed their willingness to restart a cooperation. Around 13 million visitors come to Krkonose National Park annually and some areas are overcrowded during the summer. This makes the Krkonose National Park one of the most visited park in the world.





Mr. Frantisek Pelc, director of Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic explained the system of nature conservation in the Czech Republic and the role of the Nature Conservation Agency and its relations with the Ministry of Environment. 



At the Czech Ministry of Environment, the deputies met with their counterparts Ms. Eva Wolfova and Mr. Tomas Tesar, EU nature conservation directives were discussed.




 All photos by Tomas Ruzicka.

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