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This website contains information on Twinning project „Strengthened protection and sustainable use of biodiversity in Armenia in line with the European standards“

Introduction of online video surveillance system in specially protected nature areas of Armenia

Introduction of online video surveillance system in specially protected nature areas of Armenia

Online cameras that are connected by the internal network as well as to the Monitoring Center set up at the Ministry of Environment (MoE) were installed in specially protected nature areas through financing by the Caucasus Nature Fund (CNF). This innovation provides an opportunity to apply the latest technologies and greatly improve the quality of protection in PAs.


On-line cameras for nature conservation


Poaching and tree theft are the most pressing issues in the protected areas of Armenia. For years, great expenses have been made for the purposes of acquiring machinery and other equipment, buying transport materials, increasing salaries, as well as carrying out trainings in order to enhance protection therein.


Approximately three years ago, the CNF initiated activities on installing online cameras and establishing remote monitoring system. The first cameras within the scope of these activities were installed in Lake Arpi National Park and Dilijan National Park, as well as "Khosrov Forest" State Reserve. A server and other equipment were donated to the MoE, all the cameras were connected to a single system. Currently, all of the installed cameras record 24 hours-a-day, which allows to exercise thorough control over the main entrances to the protected areas. The work is still in progress; regular activitiers on installing new cameras and establishing internal networks are under way.


The second stage of the Project envisages intorduction of a drone system, which will enable to further improve the quality of protection, as well as use it in emergency situations for rapid location and response, as well as remote monitoring of animals.

The system significantly changes the quality and nature of daily monitoring, as well as will ensure redistribution of current costs related to protected areas, by giving priority to the latest technologies.



Caucasus Nature Fund-Armenia

Arman Vermishyan, Representative Office Director

Avermishyan (at) caucasus-naturefund.org


Public Relations Officer

Marine Karapetyan

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