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This website contains information on Twinning project „Strengthened protection and sustainable use of biodiversity in Armenia in line with the European standards“

„Strengthened protection and sustainable use of biodiversity in Armenia in line with the European standards“

Our goals are the following:

  • - to assist in preparation of new legislation on nature and biodiversity conservation

  • - to assist in institutional development and governance in the field of nature and biodiversity conservation

  • - to raise awareness on proposed legislation and institutional changes strengthening biodiversity and nature conservation

  • - to establish long lasting professional contacts among our countries

Who we are

Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic

Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic (NCA CR) is a governmental body established by the law on Nature and Landscape Conservation. The main aim of NCA CR is to protect and conserve nature and landscape on the whole territory of the Czech Republic. The NCA CR manages 24 Protected Landscape Areas (IUCN Category V) and about 800 other types of protected nature areas (IUCN categories Ia, III, IV).

Finnish Environmental Institute – SYKE

Finish Environmental Institute – SYKE is a multidisciplinary research and expert institute in Finland. The Finnish Environment Institute produces relevant information, novel understanding and innovative solutions for achieving sustainable development. It is a central body implementing the Nature directives in Finland and coordinating the reporting under the Nature directives.

Armenian Ministry of Environment

Armenian Ministry of Environment is responsible for the protection of environment and manages Armenian National Parks and other types of protected areas.

Latest news & events


World agrees to save and restore biodiversity

Representatives from more than 160 countries agreed in Montreal on a groundbreaking plan to protect biodiversity by 2030. The Global Framework adopted today will significantly increase the proportion of protected areas on land and at sea, create a robust source of funding for wildlife conservation and gradually reduce the


Training for Khosrov Forest State Reserve Staff

Within the scope of EU Twinning project „Strengthened protection and sustainable use of biodiversity in Armenia in line with the European standards", the experts of the Finnish Environmental Institute – SYKE conducted a training and field demonstrations on biodiversity monitoring for


Armenian Nature Conservation Experts Visited Finland

A group of seven representatives from the Armenian Ministry of Environment and its SNCOs paid a study visit to Finland on 8-13 October 2022. The main themes of the study visit were the institutional set-up of nature conservation in Finland, biodiversity monitoring practises, and the

arguments for strong nature conservation as a basis for sustainable development

Project description

short explanation of the project history and context with CEPA

By signing CEPA, the Republic of Armenia agreed to undertake measures geared towards improved protection and sustainable use of biodiversity. Those, in particular, envisage review and alignment of the national legislation with the EU standards; preparing inventory of sites, designation of these sites and establishing priorities for their management; establishing measures required for the conservation of such sites; establishing a system to monitor conservation status of species; and establishing a mechanism to promote education and general information to the public.

After preparation of the project fiche for EU Twinning programme (European Union instrument for institutional cooperation) by the Armenian Ministry of Environment, the EU organised an open tender for the project fiche implementation. Project of a consortium formed by the Czech Nature Conservation Agency and Finnish Environmental Institute was selected and approved for funding.


our goals, outcomes and components

The overall objective of this project is to strengthen conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in Armenia in line with international/EU standards.


The project comprises of three components:


  • drafting legislation on biodiversity conservation in Armenia
  • capacity building and proposing efficient institutional set up
  • awareness raising

Our team